Complete Package

Complete Package





  • 35 hours training in total
  • 10 hours training in car
  • “N” (newly incensed removal time from 12 to 9 months)

Our Curriculum Covers:

  • The Graduated License system

  • Roles, responsibilities, laws, and rules of the road

  • Traffic control devices

  • Physical/mental condition of the driver, road rage, and alcohol/drug impairment

  • Vehicle ownership and maintenance, pre-drive inspection, and trip planning

  • Basic maneuvers including steering, acceleration, and braking

  • Defensive driving

  • Safety technology, laws of physics, and stopping distances

  • Driving in city, town, suburb, and countryside

  • Driving on highways

  • Adverse conditions and emergency situations

  • Being a Green (Eco) Driver (in-car session)

  • Risk perception

  • Gravel shoulder recovery

  • Head-on collision avoidance

  • Threshold/ABS braking

  • Emergency braking

  • Brake and avoid techniques

  • Rear crash avoidance​​

  • 25 hours in-class sessions

  • 10 hours of in car-training

  • Certificate is issued after successful completion of full course

  • Certificate is a requirement to exit the Graduated Driver Licensing System (Drivers Ed)

  • Certificate will provide you to get discounts in auto insurance

  • Certificate is approved by NS Transportation Infrastructure Renewal

  • Removes your  N from your license after two years of experience (Once you successfully pass the Road Test )

“I got road test lessons with High Class Driving School , they are professional instructors, Amazing communication, and always on time. I am happy that I passed the road test exam. Thank you so much for your help.”

– Nabil Hamid



Weekdays: 7 am - 9 pm
Weekends: 7 am - 9 pm

In-Car Lessons

Weekdays: Open by appointment
Weekends: Open by appointment


  Phone: 902-877-2146

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