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Frequently Asked

How can I make payments for services?

We primarily accept payments through our website, but we also accept cheques, e-transfers, bank transfers, and more. We can also arrange payment plans to break the cost of a course into smaller instalments.

Can I cancel my reservations?

We allow our students to make changes to their reservations to an extent. For full details, please read our cancellation policy here.

Are your courses approved by the government?

Yes, all of our offerings are approved by the Department of Transportation. This means you can benefit from shorter license probation periods, cheaper insurance rates, and more.

Will your driving course let me get my license early?

Yes! Our complete package includes a total of 35 hours of instructional content making it approved by the provincial government. This means you can upgrade from a class 7 to a class 5N license in 9 months instead of 12.

Is your school insured?

Yes, our driving school carries 2 million dollars in liability insurance for our students and instructors.



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Weekends: Open by appointment


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