Terms and Conditions

  1. The school will provide training in a timely and professional manner.
  2. The driver training vehicle will be clean and in good running condition with a valid license plate, registration, and proper insurance. The vehicle will also be equipped with the proper sign, dual brake, and rearview mirror for the instructor sitting on the passenger seat.
  3. If the school has to cancel a lesson(s) due to instructor illness, vehicle breakdown, etc., every effort will be made to accommodate the student and reschedule the lesson. The school will inform the student of the cancelation and reschedule as early as possible.
  4. Learning to drive must be taken seriously. Students are expected to give their best efforts during classroom and in-vehicle lessons. Unacceptable behavior (drinking, drugs, swearing, continually being late, etc.) will not be tolerated and the School may discontinue the lesson at the Student’s expense.
  5. During a Driver Training lessons, in-classroom or in-vehicle, all electronic communication devices (e.g., cell phones) must not be used by the student.
  6. In case the student wants to cancel or reschedule the in-vehicle lesson, they must inform the school by talking to the school in person or on the phone at least 24 hours or more prior to the lesson. The school will reschedule the date at no additional cost.
  7. A no-show fee or late cancellation of $80+tax will be charged to the student if the student makes the cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the in-vehicle lesson(s).
  8. For a Full-Course refund, you can get a full refund if you haven’t started any in-Class or in-Car training.
  9. There will be no refund if Our Driving School’s car is booked for a road test in advance.
  10. Our Driving School will arrange for student pick up for in-car lessons within the city limits, otherwise, a pre-arranged pick-up location will be determined. Please call for more details on city limits.
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